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Life/Personal Coaching

So why would you need a coach?

There are many reasons why you might hire a coach. Here are a few. Do any of these resonate for you?

  • You are “stuck"  - something is holding you back in life
  • You know what you should do and still you procrastinate
  • You have achieved what you set out to get in life and yet you still aren’t happy
  • You just feel generally dissatisfied with things and are unable to shake off a feeling that things could and should be different
  • You read every self-help book that comes out!
  • You are  "Ripe" for change, you know what you want and where you want to get to but you just can’t figure out how to get there!
So, as a Coach, what is it I can do?

As a Coach, I will introduce you to the GROW coaching model, a simple tool which you will be able to use yourself:

Goals (for session/and or longer term)
Reality (what's going on for you right now)
Options (What are they? )
What's next?....which takes us on to committing to specific actions before the next meeting.

“Coaching is all about listening and asking the right questions. I will help you to ask the right questions and to make significant changes in your life if that is what you really want”

Breadth of Experience

In addition to personal coaching I am consultant and associate - principally in career management, transition, managing change and redundancy support.

As a successful personal (some call it Life Coaching!) and organisational coach I offer corporate experience and a challenging and innovative approach.
I have successfully provided a range of coaching and consultancy services both in the private and not for profit sectors as a freelance coach and as an associate


Clients come from pharmaceutical, retail, finance, MOD, defence, manufacturing and production industries amongst many and range from private individuals to corporate coaching/development and team building.

Private clients come through personal referral and have a variety of backgrounds, genders and ages including finance, chaplaincy, operational management, marketing and creative arts – school leavers, unemployed and employed and those who are planning to retire.

Does it work
Names of previous clients can be provided on request as most clients are willing to share their experiences and have observed that the process, while a little painful at times (as change can be) was extremely useful!.



Coaching is the fast-track route to meeting your professional (and personal) needs.